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Modern Laundry Cabinet

There's no reason your laundry room shouldn't be as beautiful as the rest of your home – regardless of whether it's a closet, an entire room, in a multi-purpose area, or in a corner of the garage. The laundry room is also the perfect place to set up a cozy nook for family pets. With a little vision, this room can truly become one of the most versatile and usable multi-purpose spaces in your home.

Modern Laundry Cabinet

Specifications of Modern Laundry Cabinet

Model No



18mm white Particle board, E1 standard

Door materials

18mm HDF board

Door surface

White and blue color high gloss painting


white artificial quartz in 20mm thickness with 40mm overhang


Folded ironing board, laundry basket

Steps to find the right stackable washer and dryer cabinet dimensions

1. Choose your style, setting and size. The washer and dryer base can be installed on the front washer and dryer, which can be loaded and unloaded without stooping, which can increase the height by about 15 inches. Stackable washer dryer cabinet is a good choice for rooms with large vertical space and insufficient horizontal space. Full-size stackable washer and dryer cabinet and dryers usually require a deeper space. 

2. Add space for ease of use. In order to install and work properly, your tall laundry room cabinets need a little breathing space. Add about 4 feet to the front of the washer and dryer for loading and unloading. If installed in a hidden washing machine cabinet, make sure that the unit door cleans the closet door. Leave approximately 6 inches of space in the back hose and exhaust. Add extra space above to ensure that it can be opened and closed smoothly. Add an inch of buffer space around the appliance to the top, sides, and units to minimize noise. 

3. Plan a path. Find the best path to the installation location you want, starting at the entrance to your home, and consider each hall and doorway. Then measure the width of these spaces to ensure that the laundry room cabinets with hanging bar can pass through.

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