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How to Remove Odor from Wardrobe?


When you buy a beautiful wardrobe, but when you open it, you smell a strange odor. This is certainly unbearable. It's important to know that when wardrobes have odors and fungus, it not only makes people feel unpleasant, but also pollutes their clothing. It can even cause skin rashes and other problems. At this time, it is necessary to seriously remove the odor from the wardrobe. So, how to remove the odor from the wardrobe?

Why does the wardrobe have an odor?

As a responsible and reliable wardrobe manufacturer, we can give you a satisfying answer.

One reason is that it lacks ventilation, and another reason is that the amount of formaldehyde released from the wardrobe is too high. The release of formaldehyde from unqualified panels can last 3 to 10 years. Using such materials will affect the health of your family. It is recommended to purchase an E1-certified wardrobe, which is relatively environmentally friendly. Some consumers like cheap goods and choose small businesses and workshops to make wardrobes. They are not only rough, not strict, and easily damaged, but also there is a problem with the edges, the thickness of the door panel, and the door frame not meeting the standard. The assembly does not meet the specifications, and even the cabinet plates are too large or too small. What's important is that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, which is extremely harmful to the human body. And we also provide open wardrobes for sale. It is recommended that consumers choose a well-known wardrobe brand, whose product quality is guaranteed, to enable you to enjoy a healthy home life. Thus we recommend you slim sliding wardrobe if you have such worry.

Methods for removing wardrobe odors

  • Use 300g of black tea to brew hot tea in two washbasins, place them indoors, and then open the windows to breathe. Within 48 hours, the indoor formaldehyde content will decrease sharply, and the irritating odor will be eliminated.

  • Use formaldehyde remover or sealant to spray inside and outside the wardrobe. The wardrobe odor will disappear in about a week.

  • Use plates of vinegar or orange peel decoration in the wardrobe to remove odors. Vinegar can not only remove the odor from the wardrobe but also disinfect and sterilize.

  • Environmental protection type is a substance with strong adsorption capacity, such as activated carbon. If you add a certain kind of freshener to cover it, it is harmless to the human body and harmful to the human body. The use of activated carbon is said to "absorb" the odor and should be more environmentally friendly. 5. Perfume is a must-have for every woman, using perfume bottles, lotion bottles, etc. Do not throw them away immediately, open the lid and place them in a suitcase or wardrobe, it will make the clothes fragrant. 6. This is usually the simplest and most cost-effective way to open the wardrobe and ventilate it, but it takes a long time.

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