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Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

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One of the biggest trends in kitchen cabinets is lacquer cabinets. The lacquer kitchen cabinet is breathable, waterproof and highly resistant to corrosion, making it the best choice for kitchen cabinets. Lacquer paint for cabinets creates a visual impact and contrast while providing a unique texture and it has been one of the most popular materials for mid to high end kitchen cabinets.

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Features of Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

Vermont Meets All Your Need For Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

Our lacquer paint base material for kitchen cabinets chooses MDF (medium density fiberboard), but its level has reached HDF (high density fiberboard). The surface of the board is smoother, the paint adheres more strongly, and the paint will never fall off. The production paint process goes through three bottoms and three surfaces, and manual sanding is carried out before each paint. Surface paint can be customized from matte to high gloss. It has a long service life. It's not easy to change color, and has good water resistance.

Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Pros and Cons

Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Pros

Our acquer paint for cabinets are all imported environmentally friendly paints. The surface effect can be customized from matte to high gloss, and the color can also be customized, which can be selected from Ral color card, Dulux color card, etc. Matte paint needs to dry naturally, while high gloss lacquer kitchen cabinets needs to enter a dust-free baking room. It lasts for a long time, durable, and the surface is not easy to scratch.

Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Cons

Lacquer is a delicate surface that can easily accumulate micro scratches that allow moisture to penetrate under the paint and begin to distort the surface from below. You've probably seen lacquer kitchens have a frothy or peeling effect. This is a common flaw that only the most attentive kitchen owner can avoid.

In addition to this, UV rays can also affect the lacquer, fading it in areas where the light shines and surface imperfections are easily visible, such as scratches and dents. Lacquer kitchen cabinets need to be refinished more frequently.

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