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Design and Considerations for TV Cabinets


Television is a familiar appliance for people in the 21st century. As an invention widely used since the last century, the appearance of televisions undoubtedly brings immense joy to people. However, with the development of modernization, the placement of televisions has become increasingly standardized, and the overall TV cabinet on the market is increasingly popular. The importance of TV cabinets in all household projects is mainly to serve the living room, and their existence is determined by the objective needs of the living room.

Design of the TV cabinet

The TV cabinet is a very popular decoration method nowadays. Not only can it orderly place items around the television, but it can also make the area around the television look less empty, and even more beautiful. Users can also design their own tv protection cabinet according to their favorite style, but there are some things to be aware of during the design process.

  • Wall measurement of the TV cabinet: determine the length and height of the TV background wall. By measuring the length and height of the wall, while considering the deduction of the air conditioning position and ceiling height, the actual usable length and height can be obtained. When deciding the height of the TV wall furniture, also think about the sofa wall, use some decorative paintings to balance both sides and achieve an overall effect.

  • Inventory of items in the TV cabinet: In addition to measuring the wall, the items that need to be stored on the TV wall also need to be inventoried in advance. Make a list of items in the living room to be stored, and group them according to their categories, such as the largest audio-visual combination, books and magazines, displays, electronic products, children's toys, etc. Then, draw a rough storage plan on paper.

Precautions for the TV cabinet

  • Size of the TV cabinet: If the living room is not very large, then the TV cabinet should not be designed too large. The TV cabinet should coordinate with the overall environment of the living room. Therefore, designing a beautiful TV background wall does not depend on the size of the area, but on the feeling it gives people. A huge TV background wall may give people a feeling of oppression.

  • Color of the TV cabinet: We all know that watching TV for a long time can make our eyes sore and fatigued. Therefore, choosing a light and fresh color for the TV cabinet is better.Consider the option of a brown gloss TV cabinet, which combines both style and functionality. The light and fresh color of the cabinet not only creates a visually pleasing atmosphere but also helps to reduce the strain on our eyes. The glossy finish adds a touch of sophistication, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of your living space. 

  • Pattern on the TV background wall: Complex patterns are not suitable for decorating the TV background wall, otherwise, it will cause a distracting effect and easily distract people's attention. We decorate the TV cabinet to enhance the overall decorative effect of the living room.

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