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Introduction to the Installation Method of Sliding Door Wardrobe


With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for interior decoration are becoming higher and higher. Not only do they require beauty, but they also want convenience, which brings benefits to our lives. Therefore, when decorating, we inevitably have confusion in choosing. Sliding door wardrobes are practical, convenient, and beautiful, which makes it the best choice for our home decoration. So, how to install the sliding door wardrobe?

Check the sliding door wardrobe installation first

As a responsible wardrobe manufacturer, we will be happy to provide you with instructions.

If the door frame of the sliding door wardrobe is unpacked between the door frame and the wall, carefully check whether the product and accessories are intact. Take out the door frame and place the data face up as much as possible to avoid scratching. It is best to lay hard cardboard or carpets on the ground. Put the upper sliding wheels in the correct order in the upper sliding groove, correctly assemble the side frame and horizontal frame, and tighten it with half-self-tapping screws. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the placement of the upper sliding wheels to avoid rework. Please be careful and patient when you are installing a small sliding door wardrobe.

Sliding door wardrobe position

After installing the sliding door wardrobe, put it into the door opening, first close and level the left and right door frames, make holes for positioning, and fix them with expansion screws. If the gap is too large, use thin boards or other objects to insert them. For those with ventilation windows, ensure that they are level and perpendicular, place them above the upper guide rail, fix them with expansion screws after drilling, fix the door's upper sliding slot and the window's lower slot frame with screws, and fix the leaf directly in the appropriate position on the upper sliding groove with a drill bit and a wire. Adjust all door frames left and right, up and down to the same plane, and keep them straight. Tighten all screws. Apart from that, if you may have interest, we also have open wardrobes for sale.

The height of the sliding door wardrobe

Is it at the same height and corresponds to the on-site height? If it is level, the door can be hung. If it does not match, adjust it to the appropriate position before hanging the door leaf. After hanging the door leaf, again adjust the horizontal condition of the upper sliding wheel, ensure that the tumbling function and lock are accurate and safe, and prepare to install the positioning wheel. In the natural straight state of the door, determine the installation position of the positioning wheel, remove the door leaf, and fix the positioning wheel with the correct screw of the positioning wheel.

After the sliding door wardrobe is installed, it also needs to be cleaned. Hang the door leaf of the sliding door wardrobe and check whether the gaps of the two door leaves from top to bottom are uniform. If it is uneven, adjust it to the appropriate position and test the flatness of the door leaf, the smooth opening of the moving function and the lock. Until all reach the best function, remove the door leaf, tighten the positioning adjustment screw of the upper sliding wheel, lock, and other positions, plug all holes with stoppers, and spray self-spray wax on the upper sliding wheel, lock, and other positions to reduce noise and increase smoothness. Clean the appearance and surrounding cleaning.

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