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Beautiful kitchen cabinets can not only create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen, but also show the taste and grade of the host, bringing a sense of beauty and delicacy to people. With the needs of people's quality of life, there are more and more colors, materials and shapes of the kitchen cabinet layout, providing people with more diversified choices in kitchen cabinet design ideas. Different types of kitchen cabinets can be used to receive kitchen utensils and all kinds of foodstuffs. Basic kitchen cabinets make the cooking process more leisurely and achieve a better quality of life.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas From China Kitchen Cabinet Wholesale Suppliers

Why choose factory-direct kitchen cabinets wholesale from China?

Hardwood. Hardwood is arguably the most durable material in kitchen cabinets, and some hardwood species, such as pecan or maple, are more resistant to scratches and dents than cork varieties such as walnut and mahogany. However, due to durability and overall quality, the cost of the former will be higher. Although hardwood cabinets are often the most durable structural materials in cabinets, they tend to cost a lot of money.

Plywood. Another type of solid wood, plywood is a glued laminated wood covered with hardwood veneer. However, it is important to note that there are different grades of plywood. Of all the options, AA plywood is considered to be the best, and the kitchen unit prices will be the highest of all types. 

Fibreboard. Fibreboard is made of recycled fiber, resin and wax pressed together under high pressure. it is a more cost-effective cabinet material and is widely used in furniture and cabinets in Ikea and hypermarkets. It has good strength and smooth surface, so it is an ideal choice for painting kitchen cabinets. But the fibreboard is not strong enough and is vulnerable to damp damage. 

Veneer. A wooden veneer is a thin layer of solid wood peeled off from a log. The veneer is very thin and usually sticks to the particleboard or fibreboard to form a flat plate. It is more like a finishing material than a real cabinet building material, which is commenly used in  kitchen drawer unit, and characterized by light weight and low price.

Frameless kitchen cabinets VS. Framed cabinets

When buying kitchen cabinets, there are generally two different types of structures: framed and frameless. Both products provide high-quality, stylish cabinets, but their appearance and function are completely different. We will outline the differences between them below so that you can make more informed decisions in your kitchen cabinet makeover and layout. 

Appearance of types of kitchen cabinets designs

When the door of a frameless cabinet is closed, there is no exposure or encirclement around the door. Therefore, frameless cabinets usually provide a more modern, cleaner, and simpler kitchen cabinet fronts, and frameless cabinets are exposed to varying degrees according to the location of the cabinet door. In most cases, the entire design of frameless cabinets is more concise. Frame cabinets have more choices, including raised panels and doors with kitchen cabinet finishes. When you open a frameless cabinet, there is no middle railing and the shape is more open, which means you can use frameless cabinets without doors. 

Space of types of cabinet in kitchen

Although technically speaking, the two cabinets have the same space, but frameless cabinets have more accessible space than framed cabinets. Because there is a frame in the front of the frameless cabinet and a railing in the center of the double-decker cabinet, a framed cabinet will block some of the front passageways. Cabinets with kitchen cabinet drawer make cabinets look bigger and may make them more practical and easier to use. 

Install of different types of kitchen cabinets

If constructed correctly, there is little difference in installation among types of cabinet in kitchen. Although the frame cabinet looks stronger, it does not affect the installation of the cabinet in any way. The hardware type is the main difference. In cabinets with frames, longer screws are needed to hold the cabinets together because they must pass through the frame. Use shorter screws when installing frameless cabinets. In these two types of cabinets, molds, end plates and baseboards are the last to be installed. 

Cost of kitchen cabinets

In the construction of any cabinet, the biggest difference in cost of kitchen cabinets is related to its materials. Because frameless cabinets may use thicker materials to make up for framing, the price of frameless cabinets is usually higher. Some manufacturers set prices based on construction time. Frameless cabinets are built faster than framed cabinets. Therefore, although it may have more materials, it may also be cheaper because of fewer working hours.

How to Install a Kitchen Cabinet?

1. Clean up the site and place it according to the design drawings and cabinet numbers

2. Install the basic cabinet and high cabinet first, adjust the height of the skirting line of each cabinet to make it in position, and use self-tapping screws to strengthen the cabinet and the cabinet.

3. Install the wall cabinet according to the design drawings

4. Installation of countertop, countertop splicing

5. Install skirting

6. Place and install electrical appliances

7. Detail adjustment and cleaning

How to Install a Kitchen Cabinet?

FAQS of custom made kitchen cabinet from china kitchen cabinet manufacturer

Q. What Is The Thickness Of Your Cabinets ?

Cabinets usually have carcass and door panel Carcass is the cabinet body, including back panel, top and bottom panel , side panels. Thethickness we usually use is 18mm . Door panel thickness has 18mm, 20mm, 22mm

Q. If I Buy Cabinets From You . How Long Is The Life Of This Set Of Cabinets

It depends on how does people use. Usually it can use at least 10 years. And we provide all lift time after sales service.

Q. What Material Is Your Countertop ?

Countertop usually have quartz, marble, granite, acrylic , glass , laminated. But we usually recommend to use artificial quartz. It is strong andgood version

Q. What Do The Door Panels Of Your Cabinets Generally Use ? What Are The Options ? Paint ? Solid Wood ?

Door panel has many options , including MFC , MDF with lacquer, MDF with PVC laminated, plywood with veneer, solid wood, Aluminum frameith glass, acrylic, stainless steel. We can help you most suitable design with different material.

Q. What Brand Do You Generally Use For The Hardware In The Cabinet ?

As for hinge and drawers, we usually use Blum or DTC . Blum is an international brand, DTC is our domestic famous brand. And as for thebaskets, we usually use Higold, it is similar with Kesseboehmer

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