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Types Of Cabinets And Their Characteristics


According to the construction situation of the cabinet, there are four types of cabinets: ready-to-install series, inventory series, semi-custom series and custom series. Users can choose suitable cabinets according to their own budget for decoration.

1. Ready-to-install series. Considering the established cost, most of this ready-to-install series cabinets come from chain home improvement stores. The choice of styles, sizes and materials is very narrow, and additional assembly work is required. If the user is very good at home decoration, then this kind of ready-to-install cabinets can undoubtedly help save a lot of money. However, this series of cabinets are often not durable. As time goes by, the loss during use will bring a lot of inconvenience to life. We notice that modern hanging cabinet design is popular among our customers.

2. Semi-custom series. Due to a wider choice of styles and materials, semi-custom cabinets usually represent a mid-priced option. Semi-custom cabinets allow some size adjustments, and the quality structure is better. And semi-custom cabinets have a wide range of style options, with a personalized appearance. Users can customize the style, color or material of the cabinets according to their own preferences, and the price of semi-custom cabinets usually includes installation costs. If you like we also provide a small sliding door wardrobe.

3. Custom series. Modern kitchen cabinet for sale are often custom series. Custom cabinets can provide users with the most diverse styles, materials, facings and accessories. Uniqueness, customization, and design innovation are the characteristics of custom cabinets. It can completely fit the user's overall home decoration design and house structure. The overall decoration style is uniform and orderly. The purchase price of custom cabinets usually includes installation costs and transportation costs. However consequently, the required home improvement costs will also increase.

4. Inventory series. Users can purchase suitable inventory cabinets directly from the manufacturer. Because the inventory cabinets are mass-produced, they are generally relatively cheap and can attract many customers; but their size, color and collocation are often fixed, so they cannot adapt to too many individual styles. Moreover, in order to control costs, manufacturers will often use low-quality raw materials such as chipboard and plastic laminates; in addition, the installation price of the inventory cabinet is usually not included in the purchase price. 

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