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Installation Method of Kitchen Cabinets


Nowadays, most home decoration uses whole kitchen cabinets. Whole kitchen cabinets are not only beautiful and neat at first glance, but also have a very cost-effective price, so they are favored by most people.

Installing base cabinets for whole kitchen cabinets

Before installing base cabinets for kitchen cabinets, workers should clean the kitchen floor to accurately measure the floor level. If the kitchen cabinets cannot achieve a level base with the floor, the cabinet door gaps will not balance. Workers can use a spirit level to measure the floor and wall to understand the level of the floor and then adjust the cabinets. Connecting the base cabinets is also an important installation step. Generally, four connector fittings are required to ensure the tightness between cabinets. However, some kitchen cabinet manufacturers use lower quality self-tapping screws to connect, which not only affects the beauty of the cabinet but also only locks one end of the cabinet, resulting in poor connection stability.

Installing hanging cabinets for whole kitchen cabinets

After installing base cabinets, hanging cabinets can be installed. When installing hanging cabinets, in order to ensure the level of the expansion bolts, a horizontal line needs to be drawn on the wall. Generally, the horizontal line is 650 millimeters away from the countertop. Consumers can ask the worker to adjust the distance between base cabinets and hanging cabinets according to their height, to facilitate future use. When installing hanging cabinets, cabinet bodies need to be connected with connector fittings to ensure tightness. After the hanging cabinets are installed, the level needs to be adjusted. The level of hanging cabinets directly affects the beauty of the kitchen cabinet classic design.

Installing countertops for whole kitchen cabinets

After the kitchen is renovated, there may be errors in the size of the original cabinet plans. In order to reduce errors, some china cabinet manufacturers install countertops a period of time after installing base cabinets and hanging cabinets. This allows the designer to adjust the possible errors in the installation of base and hanging cabinets to ensure the accuracy of kitchen cabinet installation data. Currently, most consumers use artificial or natural stone countertops for their kitchen cabinets. Stone countertops are made up of several pieces of stones. The bonding time, amount of glue used, and polishing degree all affect the beauty of the countertop. Generally, a half hour is required in the summer for the adhesive to bond the countertop, and one to one and a half hours are required in the winter. Professional glue should be used for bonding. To ensure the beauty of the seam, workers should use a polishing machine for polishing.

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