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Basic Knowledge About Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet


1. Lacquer kitchen cabinet

When it comes to lacquer kitchen cabinet, most users will think of transparent and shiny paint, but in fact, lacquer is very different from paint. Unlike paint, lacquer has different luster, so it can be used in many scenes, such as cabinet decoration. The reason why the surface of hot-selling lacquer kitchen cabinet is natural and translucent is that the lacquer is sprayed.

There is a transparent coating on the surface of the lacquer kitchen cabinet, which will have a durable surface effect after drying. It is characterized as scratch-resistant, waterproof and breathable. The lacquer paint for kitchen cabinets come in various colors and clear polished layers. Unlike heavy paint, lacquer is more flexible and can adapt to the expansion and contraction of the wood surface, such as coloured cabinets. But the paint will absorb the moisture in the wood and will soften over time. In addition, the lacquer kitchen cabinets are painted with sprayers instead of rollers or brushes during the production process, so the lacquer will be lighter and thinner than other paintwork. The lacquer also has different levels of gloss, ranging from matte to high gloss. Although the wear during use will slightly affect the appearance of the lacquer kitchen cabinets, we can maintain its luster by polishing and care. 

2. Advantages of lacquer kitchen cabinets


As mentioned above, lacquer kitchen cabinets are very durable. In the absence of artificial peeling, the service life of the lacquer is longer than that of the paint. And it can maintain a transparent and non-yellowing natural luster for many years. Because the lacquer is lighter and thinner than most similar products, it can penetrate into the material, provide a long-lasting seal, and protect the wood from the inside to the outside.

High gloss surface

Although the paintwork of lacquer may require several layers to achieve the right effect, once it is finished, it looks smooth and seamless on the surface of kitchen furniture and cabinets. While in terms of other paints, there will be small bubbles after multi-layer stacking, which will affect the appearance. We also have high gloss kitchen cabinets for sale.

Highly cost-effective

Although the price of lacquer is slightly more higher than that of paint. But as long as you use it normally, keep it well ventilated, and get out of the possibility of man-made damage, the service life of the lacquer kitchen cabinets is quite long.

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