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Steps Of Kitchen Cabinet Installing


Ⅰ. Tools for installing kitchen cabinet

Before starting installing kitchen cabinet formally, first select the corresponding tools and make sure that the preparation is foolproof. The necessary tools for installing kitchen cabinet include level, tape measure, pen, pencil, marker, screwdriver kit, bolt, drill, chalk line, reel, pry, claw hammer and custom cabinets.

Ⅱ. Steps of installing kitchen cabinet

We have contemporary kitchen cabinets for sale. Because of the huge work amount of installing kitchen cabinets, it is strongly recommended to invite a helper during the installation process, which will make the installation process more efficient and smooth. The following are the specific installation steps for the types of cabinets including black glass kitchen cabinets in the kitchen.

1. Comprehensively inspect the new cabinet;

2. Find the highest point on the floor and mark it;

3. Find the top of the basic cabinet and mark it;

4. Determine and mark the bottom of the cabinet;

5. Position the wall nails;

6. Choose the appropriate hardware supporting devices;

7. Start to install corner cabinets;

8. Assemble the cabinets together;

9. Install other cabinets;

10. Adjust the position of the drawers.

Ⅲ. The inspection of installing kitchen cabinet

After installing kitchen cabinet, the user can preliminarily check the installation of the cabinet by opening and closing the drawers and pushing and pulling the cabinet door, or use a professional-level instrument to detect whether the cabinet is installed in place. The above installation steps are based on the commonly used installation methods for cabinets. When installing custom american style kitchen cabinets, the user should also read the installation instructions attached to the cabinet and the recommended method suitable for the product in detail. In addition to the content outlined above, cabinets of different materials and styles will also have their own unique installation steps and sequences. If the user cannot install it alone, it is recommended to seek professional advice and help.

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