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What Are the Benefits of Custom Wardrobes?


Post-80s and post-90s generations have become the main force in the home buying market. They place more emphasis on personalization when choosing home decor. As the consumption level of the residents increases, the middle-income group has become the main force in the home retail market. Middle-income consumers have faster updates on their consumption concepts and are full of consumer momentum.

Benefits of custom wardrobes

  • Strong functionality: Custom wardrobes can add or reduce partitions, and also include accessories such as drawers, metal baskets, and shoe racks based on the consumer's actual needs. Designers can combine different accessories according to the consumer's consumption habits and amount of clothing, fully reflecting the diversity of the storage function of the cabinet.

  • Space utilization: The biggest advantage of custom wardrobes is high space utilization. With the acceleration of urbanization, the population density is increasing and the per capita housing rate is getting lower, making space utilization increasingly important. Custom wardrobes can make good use of space. Compared with finished furniture, custom-made furniture can use space well and reasonably, making the space utilization reach the maximum and not wasting any space.

  • Personalization and aesthetic: Custom wardrobes have a variety of cabinet and door styles, with a large selection, allowing consumers to choose freely according to the style of their home decor and turning the wardrobe into a bright spot in the living space. The decorative surface color of the custom wardrobe can be combined with the same space or interface, or other color combinations for functional use, or the same, or the same color system, or similar colors, with better "integration" of the space's color;  if the style of the custom wardrobe can be unified with the "wood products" such as wall panels and other coloured cabinets in the same space, the space can be more "harmonious." 

Precautions for custom wardrobes

The most commonly used materials for family space wardrobes are solid wood, which has higher safety and environmental protection but the custom solid wood wardrobe is also more expensive. Large core boards, particle boards, and density boards which have certain environmental protection hazards and only can be selected using E1 standard; and glass cabinets, which have gradually entered family space. Glass doors can alleviate the pressure of the cabinet in small spaces and reduce the cramped feeling. However, the safety of glass doors cannot be ignored. Tempered glass has higher safety, and tempered glass with explosion-proof film or laminated glass has even higher safety.

In addition to these "advantages," custom wardrobes also have certain "drawbacks," such as being difficult to move and replace, having a certain limitation in style, and requiring high "flatness" of the wall, floor and ceiling where they are set up. All factors should be considered comprehensively.

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