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What Are the Characteristics of the European Kitchen Style?


At present, there are many styles used for house decoration, such as pastoral style, Chinese style and so on. It also includes the simple European style, which is the simple European style. The simple European style is not only romantic but also very fashionable. It is one of the most popular decoration styles at present. So what are the precautions for European style kitchen cabinets decoration? What are the characteristics of European style kitchen cabinets style?

Ⅰ. Matters needing attention in the decoration of European style kitchen cabinets

1. Furniture selection: European style kitchen cabinets decoration pays attention to commensurate with the hardware. For example, the color can be dark red or white, and you can also choose some western retro patterns. Secondly, if it is a solid wood side table and dining table and chairs, you can choose one with fine curves or patterns. We also have beige wood kitchen cabinets for your choice.

2. Curtain fabric: The fabric of the room can be made of silk. This silk can not only give people an elegant feeling, but also reflect the European style kitchen cabinets style.

3. Wall decoration: If you use wallpaper to decorate the room, you can choose wallpapers with Bible stories or rich content for decoration, among which there are stripes and florals in North American style.

4. Floor decoration: The floor of custom modern kitchen cabinets can be replaced by carpet. The rug not only has a comfortable foot feel, but also blends well with western furniture.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of European style kitchen cabinets style?

1. Many people's kitchens also use simple European high gloss kitchen cabinets, but the layout should be reasonable and appropriate. For example, the color of the wall can choose white or pale pink wall tiles, this color can give people a clean and tidy feeling. Secondly, the color of the lamps in the kitchen should also be unified. For example, spotlights can be installed to add more colors. We provide high gloss kitchen cabinets for sale.

2. The choice of European style kitchen cabinets should not be too large. Because the things placed in the cabinets are generally some kitchen utensils, if you choose a cabinet that is too large, it may contain more harmful substances, and it is easier to damage. So in order not to cause trouble in the future, then you can choose the upper-middle-grade cabinets.

3. The countertops of European style kitchen cabinets must be designed neatly. In general, the countertops are white, which is not only clean and tidy, but also easy to match with other decorations. The European style kitchen cabinets style can also reflect a kind of luxury, but in daily life, it is necessary to clean and maintain the room frequently, so as to make the room more beautiful and reflect an elegant atmosphere.

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