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How to Install Kitchen Cabinets?


When it comes to our kitchen, the installation of kitchen cabinets is necessary after the basic completion of the wall and floor. For the current home decoration, kitchen cabinets are mostly assembled using sheet material, so the installation process is simply the assembly of the processed kitchen cabinet pieces according to the reserved positions. Personally, I think the installation of the kitchen cabinets should be planned from the early stage to the end of the assembly process in order to ensure the successful installation of the entire kitchen cabinet.

How to install kitchen cabinets? The entire process, from kitchen cabinet design to late-stage installation, should be included in the kitchen cabinet installation. Any problems in any link will cause installation issues. Therefore, I divide kitchen cabinet installation into three stages: the first stage is measurement and design, the second stage is measurement verification and adjustment, and the third stage is on-site assembly of the kitchen cabinets.

Measurement, design and processing of kitchen cabinets

For kitchen cabinets, accurate measurements are necessary before processing. If the size is not appropriate, there may be problems such as gaps being either too large or too small after installation, or even difficulty installing the kitchen cabinet.

Verification and adjustment of kitchen cabinet measurements

Many families directly install kitchen cabinets without verification, resulting in deviations in size during the later stages. For example, the adhesive layer of tiles on the wall is too thick, causing size deviations and difficulties in installation. Therefore, when the wall and floor are completed, timely verification of the measurements is necessary, which includes the following two points:

On-site assembly of kitchen cabinets

The on-site assembly of the kitchen cabinets is the installation process of the custom-made kitchen cabinets we measure after they arrive at our home. This is also the last step of the installation of the kitchen cabinets. Because the kitchen cabinet assembled at this time is the real thing we saw in our home.

For wooden kitchen cabinets, we design and process according to the previous dimensions, and finally assemble them at our home. In fact, the overall installation process is not particularly complicated. But for kitchen cabinets at home, there are many forms. We have to adopt different installation methods according to different forms of kitchen cabinets. This is a more reasonable installation plan for kitchen cabinets.

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