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Precautions for Installing Bathroom Vanity


The bathroom vanity in the bathroom is the most concerned product by consumers. Because of the lack of the bathroom vanity, our entire toilet and toilet will be affected. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good bathroom vanity and choose a suitable installation height. What are the installation heights of bathroom vanities? What precautions should be taken when installing bathroom vanities?

1. Types of the bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities are divided into floor-standing bathroom vanities and wall-mounted bathroom vanities. Floor-mounted bathroom vanities are generally installed under the basin, and the installation height of floor-to-ceiling bathroom vanities is generally determined according to the position of your basin. Classic bathroom vanity units are also divided into two types: one is on the whole table, and the other is embedded. Due to the difference of the washbasin, we should also consider the height of the installation when installing the floor-standing bathroom vanity.

2. What should be paid attention to for installing the bathroom vanity?

When installing the bathroom vanity, we must first consider whether the material of the bathroom vanity is moisture-proof, waterproof and moth-proof. Because the bathroom is a relatively humid place, we have to consider the material of the bathroom vanity. When choosing a bathroom vanity, consider whether the bathroom vanity is wall-mounted or a floor-standing vanity. When installing, be careful not to damage the inlet and outlet pipes, otherwise water will leak during use, and the leakage will soak the vanity. If you want to purchase products like high gloss vanity, you can contact us.

When installing a floor-standing bathroom vanity, you must first determine the installation position of the vanity. Since the installation of the bathroom vanity requires drilling holes on the wall, water inlet holes and drainage holes are also required. Once installed, the position cannot be moved. After the location is determined, the size of the bathroom vanity should be considered according to the determined location. When installing, be sure to check the wiring diagram of the bathroom, so as not to break the water pipe and cause unnecessary losses.

3. What is the installation height of the bathroom vanity?

The height of the modern industrial bathroom vanity on the market is 80 to 85cm, and the width is 45 to 50cm. When installing the floor-standing bathroom vanity, it should be at a height of 8 to 10cm from the ground, because this can prevent the vanity from being wet by the water on the ground. The specific installation height is sometimes determined by considering the height and usage habits of family members, but it is more appropriate within the standard height range.

The installation height of the wall-mounted bathroom vanity is different from that of the floor-mounted bathroom vanity. The general height of the wall-mounted bathroom vanity is 40 to 50cm, and its general installation height is between 80 and 85cm. The installation size of the general bathroom vanity is , the distance between the vanity surface and the ground is 80 to 85cm. The installation of the mirror should be based on the height and habits of the owner. It is most suitable for a person to stand in front of the mirror with his head in the middle of the mirror.

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