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Choosing and Designing Home Liquor Cabinet Dimensions


Nowadays, people are paying more attention to enjoying life. A good home decoration is considered to be more important. The liquor cabinet is also becoming a more common household item. People's requirements for liquor cabinets are becoming more comprehensive. They not only want the liquor cabinet in their home to be beautifully decorated, but also practical. After all, practicality cannot be ignored. There is no shortage of good liquor cabinets on the market because liquor cabinets are essential in current home decor. What size should a home liquor cabinet be?

What is the size of a liquor cabinet for home use?

Due to the different space of each family and the different product requirements, it is impossible to unify the size of a liquor cabinet even though you are using a modern hanging cabinet design. However, in the design, you can usually refer to the following two points: For example, for male users, their adjustable height can be controlled between 1.2m to 1.9m. If it is used by a female, the adjustable height is about 1.1m to 1.8m. The thickness can generally be controlled between 0.3m and 0.4m, and the gap space is about 0.3m to 0.4m, which is also convenient for people to move around. Because the activity area is about 0.45 meters, of course, the final size still needs to be based on the actual situation to meet your needs. And we have coloured cabinets for sale.

How to design a home liquor cabinet?

We can offer various types designs including classic cabinet design.

  • If your house is relatively spacious, then you can consider designing it in the corner of the house, so you can design a large liquor cabinet and a small bar. It can be said that this space is also quite emotional.

  • If the family is not spacious enough, it should be carefully considered when designing the liquor cabinet. It is best to design a dual-use cabinet, so it can be used as a liquor cabinet and partition, which can save space.

  • If there are more hobbies among family members, but the space in the house is small, then you can consider turning it into a multifunctional small liquor cabinet, for example, the aquarium design in the liquor cabinet can also be said to be well-designed.

  • The liquor cabinet design should be unique, and first of all, it should make full use of indoor space. For example, if you parallel the liquor cabinet with the bar, this is also to make the space look more spacious.

  • In addition, according to the size of the space and the placement position, if some spaces are spacious, then you can add a set of racks, and if the space is small, then you can consider placing the liquor cabinet in a suitable space.

  • The design of the home liquor cabinet must be based on the overall home decor and style to make it look more coordinated. It is recommended that you design or choose a liquor cabinet with a transparent glass door, which is in line with the overall style.

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