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TV Cabinet

Open room plan, variable color matches: this living room provides a holistically planned living space. Black glass adds more mystery to the world.

TV Cabinet

Specifications of TV Cabinet

Model No



18mm white Particle board, E1 standard

Door materials

20mm black painted MDF and 20mm black tinted glass door

Door surface

Semi-gloss paint finish, easy to clean


White calaetta look marble quartz in 20mm thickness with 40mm overhang

How to buy the right classic tv unit for your home

The size of the TV will determine the size and size of the classic tv cabinet. The depth of the flat screen TV will not have much impact, the traditional CRT TV, the backplane is very large, the purchase of cabinet with tv stand must measure the depth of the TV and bracket, and there is adjustable tv unit to choose from. For large televisions, shelves are stacked next to the tv protection cabinet, leaving room for the TV, and you need to measure the screen size to fit. The size of your cabinet for tv stand should match the size of your room. 

TV cabinet showcase with a sense of design is more suitable to be placed in a larger space. Cabinet for tv in living room prefers minimalist designs or cabinet with fireplace. However, if you want to buy a cabinet under tv on wall, be sure to measure it accurately before you buy it. For a comfortable viewing effect, your tv media cabinet should be positioned so that the lower half of the screen is level with your line of sight when you are seated. Design cabinet is likely to be the focus of the living room or family room, so choose a classic tv cabinet that complements your interior decoration. If you want to choose the most minimalist, choose wall-mounted or metal and glass TV brackets. If you like classic tv unit, there are marble countertops, folding blinds, decorative veneer facade, rotating legs, ornate handles and other decorative tv component cabinet, they can be used as elegant center accessories.

Materials of TV Cabinet

1. Paint baking board tv cabinet.
The base material of the paint board is the density board, and the appearance has been sprayed six times and imported paint. The "baking paint" used in TV cabinets only illustrates one process, that is, after spraying paint, it goes into the drying room to heat up the dull paint to deal with the substrate. The baking lacquer board is characterized by bright color, strong visual impact, very beautiful and excellent waterproof function, strong anti-fouling ability and easy to clean. The defect is that the process level is high and the scrap rate is high, so the price remains high.
2. Solid wood classic tv cabinet.
The use of solid wood to make TV cabinet panels, the style is mostly classical, usually the price is higher. The door frame is solid wood, mainly cherry wood and walnut wood. The door core is a medium density board with solid veneer, which is usually made on the surface of solid wood, painted outside, and then maintains the color of the log and the appearance is beautiful. This can ensure the special visual effect of solid wood, and the combination of frame and core board can ensure the strength of the plate.
3. Fire prevention board tv component cabinet.
Fireproof plate is the most widely used plate material at that time, with bright color contrast and various edge sealing forms. it has the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, cutting resistance, anti-penetration, simple cleaning, moisture-proof, non-fading, delicate touch, affordable price and so on. The price of chinese tv cabinet fireproof sheet is lower, while the cost of Korean sheet and German sheet is about 25% and 50%.
4. Marble tv component cabinet.
The surface is made of marble, which makes it look more high-end and stable. The disadvantage is that it will increase the load-bearing capacity of the TV cabinet, if the TV cabinet is suspended, it is suggested to do a good job. And marble is radioactive and more harmful than wood. Marble is generally used in tooling. The price of marble is also higher than that of wood. No matter it is decorative styling line or convenient to use, it is not as convenient as wood.

Advantages of TV Cabinet

Black Glass

Black glass and white wood forms a contrast and makes the area so noticeable. Transparent glass gives a great display to your wines and your taste of life.

Black Glass

Black Lacquer

Black lacquer door matches golden handle and leg gives a sense of concrete flavor and the shutter panel behinds adds more mystery to the room.

Black Lacquer


White and brown leather sofa matches the white shutter wall gives a feeling of cozy life and scent of coffee time.


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