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How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets During Home Renovation?


When choosing a kitchen cabinet, we not only need to choose based on the overall style of the home and personal preferences, but also learn to distinguish the quality of the kitchen cabinet, and not be deceived by its beautiful appearance to choose inferior products. The quality of kitchen cabinets can be distinguished from three aspects, craftsmanship, hardware, and environmental protection.


  • Looking at the edge banding of the kitchen cabinet: There are two types of edge banding for kitchen cabinets, straight line edge banding machine edge banding and manual edge banding. Straight line edge banding machine edge banding is machine-controlled, with even pressure and high precision. Manual edge banding has large operational errors, and the size and strength cannot be accurately grasped, resulting in mostly inferior products. The edge banding of high-quality simple modern kitchen cabinet is delicate, smooth, with good texture, straight and smooth seams, and fine joints.

  • Looking at the hole position of the board: In order to assemble the kitchen cabinet, it is necessary to first drill holes on the board, and then connect the boards with connectors. If the hole size is not accurate, when using connectors, it is easy to have mismatched holes, and ultimately the two boards can only be connected reluctantly, greatly affecting the overall stability of the cabinet.

  • Looking at the sawing of the door panel: Pull open the cabinet door and look at the sawing of the door panel. If the board is cut well, the sawing positions are very neat, and the edges of the sawing will not have gaps. This level of cutting is generally controlled by computer, and if it is done manually, it is difficult to achieve this requirement.


  • Hinges: The quality of hinges is critical because kitchen cabinet doors are frequently opened and closed. If the quality of the hinges is poor, after the door is opened and closed many times, the hinges will be damaged, causing the door panel to deform or even fall off. At this time, we can distinguish the quality of hinges by observing the thickness. High-quality hinges have thicker iron sheets, stable and firm, and not easy to deform, while inferior hinges are generally thinner and may twist and deform under long-term stress.

  • Drawer slide rails: Sometimes we encounter drawers that cannot be pulled out. When buying a kitchen cabinet, we can pull the drawer several times to feel its smoothness, or apply force to press the drawer to feel its load-bearing capacity.

Environmental protection

The kitchen is a place for cooking, requiring cleanliness, hygiene, and environmental protection. The environmental protection of modern kitchen cabinet for sale must meet the standards, otherwise, harmful substances such as formaldehyde released by the kitchen cabinet are likely to enter our food, eventually causing harm to our bodies. Therefore, when choosing a kitchen cabinet, we should ask the seller to provide a regular environmental protection inspection report for the finished product. Friendly reminder: It is a finished product inspection report, not a raw material inspection report.

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