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What Are the Precautions for Small Cabinet Design?


Ⅰ. Understand the cabinet design

Nowadays, many families will buy small apartments, so the kitchen area is relatively small. How to achieve all internal organs in a small space is particularly important in the layout and allocation. Even in modern hanging cabinet design, the cabinet is the largest storage space in the kitchen. If it is properly designed, it will make the owner more convenient to operate while cooking, and the whole mood will be more pleasant. So what are the precautions for the design of small cabinets?

Ⅱ. Small cabinet design considerations


The designs of coloured cabinets have a great relationship with the pattern. First of all, the color should be coordinated with the overall kitchen decoration style. The small kitchen space is small, so try not to choose too strong colors, which will make the kitchen space look more cramped and dull; it is better to choose light colors, such as white, light blue, etc., which can increase the sense of extension visually, making the space appear larger.

white modern kitchen cabinet


There are many kinds of cabinet material options, and the luster of the surface of different materials brings different effects to people's vision. For example, try to choose materials with smooth surfaces when designing small cabinets, because slightly reflective materials can expand the kitchen space and look brighter. Try not to choose materials such as solid wood.

high gloss kitchen units sale

Overall layout

The design of small cabinets should consider the overall layout of the kitchen. It is recommended to make an open simple modern kitchen cabinet design to make the space more comfortable. The fully enclosed kitchenette gives people a sense of depression. If you are worried that the open kitchen is not easy to clean, it is recommended to choose a glass partition to make the space more transparent and bright.

Storage pattern

Every home kitchen has a lot of tools, how to store these items in a small space? It is recommended that you use the space as much as possible when designing the cabinet, for example, consider the compartments inside the cabinet, the design of the basket and the drawer, etc. The walls of the kitchen are also used as much as possible. For example, partitions can be designed to increase storage space, but try to create a neat and clean kitchen, which looks more comfortable and is very easy to operate.

kitchen cabinet design

Power supply

Try not to concentrate all the main light sources in the kitchen on the cabinet operating table, which is inconvenient and even dangerous when working in the kitchen. Therefore, it is necessary to consider increasing the design of local lighting when designing the cabinet. There are many electrical appliances in the kitchen, and they are sometimes arranged in cabinets. Therefore, when designing, it is necessary to consider whether the design of the power socket is reasonable, not only the size of the electrical equipment, but also the spacing density of the socket.

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