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Introduction to the Size of Wine Cabinets


With the continuous improvement of people's income levels, many people now install a wine cabinet at home, which is a great way to relax with a drink in their leisure time. There are many types of wine cabinets now, such as American and European styles, which are both excellent choices. However, for wine cabinet size, many people may not have much knowledge and do not pay so much attention when purchasing. Let's learn about the relevant knowledge of wine cabinet size together, hoping to help us have a better understanding of the size of wine cabinets systematically.

Size of wine cabinets

First of all, we need to consider the purpose of the wine cabinet, whether it is for home use or commercial use. If it is for home use, there is no unified standard for the size of wine cabinets. It can be designed according to the space area of the home and the actual location of the wine cabinet. If it is for commercial use, such as a wine cabinet in a bar, it usually includes two parts. The size of the base cabinet is usually between 600mm and 500mm in thickness, and the size of the upper cabinet is not more than 2000mm in height and 350mm in thickness. If it is connected to the bar, the height and size of the wine cabinet bar are usually between 1000-1200mm according to ergonomics. The distance between the wine cabinet and the bar is usually around 900mm for easy access to wine.

How to design a wine cabinet

In American-style homes, there are mostly fireplaces, which have been accepted as decoration and become part of the living room. Considering that the open living room, dining room, and entrance hall are too visible, to distinguish the living room and dining room, the fireplace shape is used. Like this wine cabinet decoration picture, a fixed wine cabinet made of marble material is designed. It is like an island that links the living room and dining room together, but it is clearly separated on partitioning and also has the function of a wine cabinet. As you may have interest, we can provide American classics cabinets.

We can provide you with coloured cabinets. If you prefer a primitive feeling, then designing a wooden wine cabinet might be a good idea. This wine cabinet is made of wood, which gives people a sense of returning to nature. As a company dealing with solid wood kitchen cabinets wholesale, we highly recommend it. The glass and silver decorations add romance. Placing it between the living room and dining room, combining the curved bar counter with the crescent-shaped wall lamp, not only meets the requirements of beauty but also facilitates the owner's entertaining guests for wine and conversation. However, it must be kept in mind that the design of this style of liquor cabinet must be in line with the overall design style of the living space.

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