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What Do the Characteristics of Modern Style Kitchen Cabinets Have?


Nowadays, many people like the simple decoration style. The minimalist decoration style is simple in decoration and looks refreshing and open. The kitchen is where we make delicious food, so the decoration and design of the kitchen is also very important. So what are the characteristics of modern style kitchen cabinets?

1. The simple form of modern style kitchen cabinets

One of the main features of modern style kitchen cabinets is the simplicity of the form. Its expression is reflected in the fact that most of the kitchen designs are simple straight lines, horizontal and vertical, and unnecessary decorative lines are reduced, and simple straight lines are used to emphasize the openness of the space. Because of the linear design, the sense of space is very strong, therefore people will feel more comfortable and refreshed in it.

2. The function and practicality of modern style kitchen cabinets

When it comes to modern hanging cabinet design, it doesn't mean you have to compromise on the practical functions of the kitchen. The design of modern cabinets will discard all unnecessary clutter, and The most essential functions are left. It is difficult to find other unnecessary things in the kitchen except for the most basic functions of storage, washing, and cooking. The practical tools such as knives and forks only meet the most basic needs of housewives, not more. There are various tools that make it difficult to tell how to use them. The cumbersome functions in the eyes of simple people are omitted, the design of the base cabinet also abandons the traditional form of standing on the ground, and the pipelines of water, electricity and gas are hidden in the wall.

3. The cold colors of modern style kitchen cabinets

Each style has its own representative color, and the cool color is the representative color of minimalism, which is inseparable from the Nordic origin, the birthplace of minimalism. Due to the cold weather, the tree species in northern Europe are lighter in color, people live a comfortable and simple life, and there are fewer decorative components in household items. Therefore, simple and cold colors have become a representative language of minimalism. There are two kinds of log colors used in modern gloss kitchen cabinets, one is solid wood without coloring, showing the color of its own log, and the other is a high-grade fireproof board with log texture. If you may have interest, we also provide black glass kitchen cabinets.

The natural wood color can reflect the natural beauty of the wood itself, highlighting the design of modern cabinets. Simple lines outline a clean and comfortable kitchen environment in a wood-colored atmosphere. White is a timeless color for minimalism, and modern cabinets use white to bring a sense of depth to a seemingly small space with a perspective effect. Black is also a common color for modern cabinets, but because black is too dark, there is rarely a large area and overall black in the kitchen, but the dark brown represented by the very popular black walnut color is preferred, which appears as an accent color.

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