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Decoration and Collocation Tips for Open Coat Closet


With the improvement of living standards, we start to buy more clothes, but the clothes need to be placed, because if we put them everywhere, the home will look messy. At this time, the open coat closet can play a role.

1. Tips for decorating the open coat closet

The open coat closet stores clothes in an open form, so the clothes are exposed to the outside, which means there is no privacy, and it is easy to be messy. Therefore, the space of the open coat closet must be distributed reasonably. Then before the layout design, fully analyze the size of the clothes, commonly used and seasonal clothes, which ones are placed on the top, which ones are placed below, and whether they are easy to take after being placed, and design the closet according to this. Many consumers place open coat closets next to utility rooms, which are often close to the kitchen or bathroom. In this case, we must pay attention to the waterproof work, and also pay attention to moisture resistance in the later use process. And we also have bedroom wardrobe closet with sliding doors for sale.

2. The maintenance of the open coat closet

To prevent dust, you can add dust covers to hang clothes in the open coat closet, or store clothes in storage boxes. The open coat closet is open, and the clothes are hung outside without sealing, which can easily make the whole space messy, and because there is no privacy, several drawers or lattice racks can be added to store the private clothes. Because the open coat closet is not closed, it is easy to cause the clothes to be damp. Therefore, in daily life, we need to pay attention to moisture-proof, and at the same time, prevent the phenomenon of moth-eaten, mildew, etc. from affecting the lifespan of the wardrobe. You can regularly place some moisture-proof agents in the closet, but also avoid the direct sunlight to the open coat closet to prevent the closet board from bursting and affecting the service life of the closet.

3. The collocation of the open coat closet

Although the open door wardrobe design can brighter the room, it is still necessary to arrange the lighting, color, etc., so that the wardrobe can be better coordinated with the overall home decoration style, and at the same time, shows its unique features. It is best to consider the closet as a specific space before home decoration, and then make a design according to the overall light tone and the placement and space structure of the home. The light used should be close to natural light, so that the color of the clothing can keep normal to avoid chromatic aberration, and it is convenient for users to take it.

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