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The Size of the Laundry Cabinet and the Tips for Choosing It


Now, many people will put a laundry cabinet on their balcony. A washing machine can be placed under the laundry cabinet, and some other toiletries can be placed next to it. It is very convenient to use. There are many types of laundry cabinets on the market. What are some tips?

I. Tips for selecting the laundry cabinet

1.The cabinet is discolored. Laundry cabinets of any cabinet material options will turn yellow if exposed to sunlight all year round. So finally put a curtain on the balcony window when not using the laidry cabinet.

2. Humanization: The combination cabinet of the washing machine is relatively popular, and it is also a combination cabinet, but the treatment of high and low basins in the details is more humanized. To put down the washing machine, the total height of the laundry cabinet should be above 90cm (the height of the front-load washing machine is generally 82 to 86cm). If the height is under 160cm, it will be very uncomfortable to use. The treatment of the high and low basins is still 90cm in the washing machine, but it is 5cm lower outside the sink. Only 85cm, so that solves the problem.

3. Sizes of laundry cabinets for sale: The best choice for small size ceramic basin, the general choice of large size artificial stone. Because it is more than 80cm, the deformation rate of ceramics is very high. There is no problem with artificial stone. As long as it is used properly, the service life of artificial stone is also very long.

4. Functions: When choosing a Laundry Cabinet, the first thing to consider is of course the practical functions. Such as soap nets. A towel rail for towels and a pull basket for temporarily dirty laundry. Generally, professional laundry cabinet manufacturers will consider that function is more important than gorgeous appearance.

II. Dimensions of the laundry cabinet

The washing machine is an indispensable household appliance in the family now. The use of the washing machine also brings great convenience to our family and is unanimously loved by consumers. In our current family, there are certain arrangements for the placement of washing machines. Generally, the washing machine is placed in our balcony, and in order to place and use the washing machine better, it is necessary to simply understand the size of the balcony laundry cabinet. Vermont provides various laundry cabinets for sale to meet your needs. Many customers prefer the classic cabinet design.

We all know that there are many types of washing machines that we can choose from. There are fully automatic washing machines and front-loading washing machines, and the design of each different type of washing machine is different, so the size of the balcony laundry cabinet used for washing machines is also different. When designing the size of the balcony laundry cabinet, the first thing that needs to be determined is the type of washing machine, so that the size of the balcony laundry cabinet can be correctly designed.

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