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Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets Bulk For Sale

Wood veneer kitchen cabinets have remained in popular demand for several years due to their efficiency, attractive appearance, and cost-effectiveness. Wood veneer kitchen cabinets are also relatively light and easier to install than heavier solid wood, aluminum or stainless steel models. Wood veneer also provides a more satisfying natural look than metal or vinyl clad cabinets. Whether you're doing a budget-friendly kitchen renovation or designing the kitchen of your dreams, wood veneer cabinets can be used to fit any budget or design style.

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A Guide to Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

How to Choose Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets?

The base material of wood veneer cabinets can be plywood or MDF. However, we recommend using plywood. It can be matte or high-gloss, and there are many choices of veneer textures. The craft of solid wood veneer is mainly flat, and the large area of wood veneer looks very high-grade, modern, and has a strong overall sense.

Pros of Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

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There are many texture choices for wood veneer kitchen cabinets, and the surface treatment can also be divided into matte and high-gloss, with a modern sense and a very strong overall sense. The texture is fine and there is no obvious splicing marks.

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