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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

An outdoor kitchen is an investment that will bring you years of enjoyment. It's a place where you'll create memories that will last a lifetime. So an outdoor kitchen cabinet means a lot. Vermont has high-quality outdoor kitchen cabinets for sale and we can meet all your needs for an outdoor kitchen.

Today's outdoor kitchens go far beyond simply putting down a patio and installing a grill. They enhance your backyard and make the outdoors as functional and comfortable as your indoor kitchen space. The modern outdoor kitchen meets a wide variety of needs, reflecting each homeowner's personal preferences and style. Friends who need to buy modern outdoor kitchen cabinets, welcome to contact vermont.

outdoor kitchen cabinet

Specifications of Modern Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets


16mm stainless steel

Door materials option 1

16mm stainless steel

Door materials option 2

20mm aluminium glass door

Countertop option

Stainless steel / marble/artificial quartz

Wood outdoor kitchen cabinets vs. Stainless Steel Outdoor Counters & Cabinets

A high-quality outdoor kitchen will be beautiful, durable and customizable, so the choice of outdoor kitchen cabinet materials is very important. Because the kitchen is outdoor, you need cabinets with strong weather resistance. The materials of the cabinets should be able to withstand the effects of weather and temperature changes. The following is an introduction to these two kinds of cabinets.

Wooden modern outdoor kitchen cabinets

Wood is the most popular outdoor counter cabinets design material, but it can also be used outdoors. This natural material helps to bring indoors to the outside, and the color can be customized with paint or colorant. Wooden cabinets are mainly used for rural style and Japanese-style home decoration, the overall beauty, good visual effect. The disadvantage is that it is easy to mildew and rot, and its service life is not long. Wood outdoor kitchen cabinets exposure to these elements may damage the paint over time and need to be repainted or replaced. Although wood goes well with most outdoor kitchen cabinet kits and is suitable for outdoor space, keep this in mind if you are looking for wooden outdoor furniture to fill your outdoor entertainment space.

Stainless steel custom outdoor kitchen cabinets

The stainless steel used in Vermont is 304or 316 grade. The presence of chromium is essential because it can prevent stainless steel from rusting. The visual feel of Stainless steel outdoor kitchen refrigerator cabinet is cold, and the corners and seams are stiff. Although Stainless steel outdoor counter cabinets is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and oil-resistant, its wear resistance is poor. At present, the price of stainless steel countertop on the market is between quartz stone and artificial stone, but the production process also needs to be considered. Many unqualified stainless steel countertops will show signs of oxidation after a certain number of years of use. Proper maintenance and cleaning of must be carried out regularly to avoid rust, corrosion, scratches or stains. Through regular maintenance, it can also become the perfect choice for outdoor counter cabinets.

Advantages of Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Compliment Your Appliances

In many cases, it's the cabinets, not the appliances, that can make or break your outdoor kitchen design. The right outdoor kitchen cabinets add functionality to your space. They'll also compliment your appliances, tie together your design, and add a touch of beauty, style, and comfort to your backyard.

Compliment Your Appliances

Various Colors, Finishes, And Textures

Vermont has outdoor kitchen cabinets kits for sale with a variety of colors, finishes, and textures. They're each expertly designed to withstand the elements. From the Florida sun to northern ice and snow, our cabinets stand up to the toughest of conditions. With proper care, they'll continue to look as beautiful as the day they did the day they were installed. Friends who want to buy outdoor cabinets by color, please click

Various Colors, Finishes, And Textures

Meet All Of Your Outdoor Lifestyle Needs

As a reputable manufacturer of outdoor kitchen cabinets, Vermont excels in the art of creating exquisite outdoor counters and cabinets, but we don't stop there. Vermont is a one-stop shop for all of your outdoor lifestyle needs. Our premium-quality grills, refrigeration, outdoor kitchen appliances, and outdoor furniture will help bring your space to life.From premium-quality grills and refrigeration  to outdoor kitchen appliances and furniture, we have everything you need to elevate your outdoor space and create the perfect ambiance.

Meet All Of Your Outdoor Lifestyle Needs

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