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What Are the Maintenance Skills of Kids Wardrobes?


When designing the house, everyone will design a bedroom for the little baby at home. The child's bedroom is the same as the adult's. There will also be a bed, a table and a kids wardrobe. In this way, the little baby will have his own space. Therefore, the kids wardrobe is just like adult's bedroom wardrobes, which needs to be maintained. So what are the maintenance techniques for kids wardrobes?

1. The maintenance of kids wardrobe cabinet surface 

During use, try to avoid damaging and scratching the surface of the kids wardrobe. If the surface is accidentally slightly scratched or bruised, you can use a cotton cloth dipped in a mixture of soot and lemon juice or oil to wipe it. After it dries, wax it for maintenance. If the scratches are deep or the bruises are serious, you need to use the same color paint to complement the color, or go to the kids wardrobe store to buy a color supplement to repair it. Families prefer the specific type of small sliding door wardrobe for their children.

2. The maintenance of kids wardrobe doors

As a reliable and responsible wardrobe supplier, we would like to share with you instructions about how to maintain kids wardrobe doors.

Keep the door of the kids wardrobe clean and clean it frequently. There should be no debris or dust in the track to prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from hitting the track. When cleaning, use a semi-damp cloth to wipe the doors and cabinets of the kids wardrobe, and avoid using corrosive detergents. The dust on the track can be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal fittings such as the clothes pass, pull rod, metal, and handle inside the kids wardrobe closet can be wiped with a dry cloth. The dust on the surface of the kids wardrobe can be removed with a feather duster or a soft cloth. If there are stains on the surface, it can be removed by rubbing with wax. Families with a good financial condition can regularly use oil wax to maintain the surface of the kids wardrobe, use a soft cloth to wipe the hardware parts, and do not use corrosive chemical cleaners or acidic liquids. If you find that the surface has some black points that are hard to remove, you can wipe with less kerosene.

3. The placement of kids wardrobes

In the process of using the modern open wardrobe, pay attention to the balance and avoid placing it in a place that is high, vibrating, damp or can be directly exposed to sunlight. Keep the room ventilated, and avoid the surface of the whole kids wardrobe from contacting corrosive liquids, such as alcohol, banana water, gasoline, nail polish, strong acids, strong alkalis and other liquids.

We need to take care of the cabinet of the kids wardrobe, the interior of the wardrobe and the placement of the kids wardrobe. In this way, the service life of the kids wardrobe can be greatly increased, and frequent replacement is troublesome and wasteful of money.

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