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What is the Height to Install the Bathroom Vanity?


When we take a bath, we need to prepare towels, shower gel, clothes for bathing, etc. If we put towels and clothes in the bathroom at will, the water splashed during the bath may wet the clothes, What do we wear if our clothes get wet? Therefore, in the current family, bathroom vanitys are generally installed. In this way, when we take a bath, we can put clothes in the bathroom vanity, and we don't have to worry about the clothes getting wet. Do you know the installation height of the bathroom vanity?

1. The height of installing bathroom vanity

According to the installation method, bathroom vanitys are divided into wall-mounted bathroom vanitys and floor-standing bathroom vanitys. Floor-standing bathroom vanity mirrors need to be installed. The most common standard size of most bathroom vanitys is that the length (generally including the hanging vanity) is 800mm to 1000mm, and the width (wall distance) is: 450mm to 500mm. Since the size of the bathroom is basically the same, there are not many oversized bathroom vanitys and ultra-small bathroom vanitys in the market. If you accept custom American style bathroom vanity units, it will have a great impact on the appearance and price. If the bathroom vanity is too small, only the basin can be placed. There is also a wall-mounted porcelain basin, which is not only beautiful, but also takes up no space, and is about 500mm long. In addition to the commonly used standard sizes, bathroom vanitys are also 1200mm long. Generally, European-style and simple European-style bathroom vanitys are larger in size, because most of them need to add side vanitys, which can reach 1600mm.

2. The height of the bathroom vanity from the ground

The installation size of the cheap modern bathroom vanity is that the distance between the surface of the vanity and the ground is 80mm to 85mm. The installation of the mirror vanity should be based on the owner's height and habits. The height of the bathroom vanity is generally about 650CM. Considering that the floor of the bathroom space is often wet, the distance from the bottom of the vanity to the ground should be kept at least 150mm. According to the owner's height and usage habits, the distance from the countertop of the bathroom vanity to the ground should be between 800 and 900mm. The installation of the side vanity is more flexible, generally installed on the right side and above 150mm from the ground. And if you have interest,we also provide high gloss bathroom vanity.

The above is the installation height of the bathroom vanity introduced by the editor. It can be seen that a good installation height of the bathroom vanity can make the use of the bathroom vanity more convenient. Just imagine, if the bathroom vanity is designed to be particularly high, do we stand on tiptoe to pick up clothes every time? Therefore, a suitable bathroom vanity installation height is very important. When you install the bathroom vanity, you can refer to the introduction here.

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