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What Are the Precautions for Custom Kitchen Cabinets?


Understanding custom kitchen cabinets

When renovating a kitchen, we usually choose custom kitchen cabinets to greatly enhance both aesthetics and practicality. However, custom kitchen cabinets are an important aspect that requires attention to many details. So, what should we pay attention to when customizing cabinets?

Notes on custom kitchen cabinets

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Size measurement 

Before customizing cabinets, we need to measure the length, width, and height, which requires repeated measurements to avoid errors even if you are using a simple modern kitchen cabinet design. When measuring the hanging height of the cabinet, it is important to measure from multiple angles and check for any obstructions nearby.

Cabinet design 

After measuring all the specific issues between the kitchen and cabinets, design a customized design based on personal requirements. Consider personal height when designing the cabinet height, making sure that it is convenient and comfortable to use. The kitchen needs to pay attention to the overall workflow and functional area, ensuring the rationality of preparation, cleaning, chopping, cooking, serving, and storage. For example, the design of American classic kitchen cabinet is quite popular.

Contractual issues

When signing the contract, it is important to provide detailed annotations on the model, color, specifications, and other contents of all materials that may be used in the installation of the overall cabinets. Especially, special materials should be clearly stated, not only to avoid shortcuts taken by the installation team during construction but also to avoid potential safety hazards in the future.

Material issues

Popular cabinet materials on the market include paint, stainless steel, solid wood, marble, and quartz, and can be selected according to one's own economic situation and actual needs.

Choosing a vendor

When customizing cabinets, choose a reputable vendor, either through friend recommendations or through one's own research.

Avoid using inferior sheets

Poor-quality sheets are prone to excessive formaldehyde, and the quality of cabinets largely depends on the quality of the materials. In addition to the panel, the body and adhesive need to be processed to ensure that the amount of harmful substances does not exceed the standard.

Hardware quality

The quality of the hardware is particularly important when customizing cabinets, as it not only affects the ease of use but also affects the service life of the cabinet. Generally, major brands of cabinets will choose imported hardware to ensure the quality of the product.

Product warranty period

The longer the warranty period of the cabinet, the more secure the design craftsmanship, materials, and usage will be. Therefore, when purchasing cabinets, consumers need to have a comprehensive understanding of product warranty and after-sales service issues.

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