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Matte Kitchen Cabinets And High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets


The decoration design of the kitchen cabinet is very important, because it may add points to the overall house style, or it may destroy the overall house style design. In the mainstream cabinet design, there are two types that are very popular with users: one is the matte kitchen cabinet and the other is the high gloss kitchen cabinet.

1. Matt kitchen cabinets

Matte kitchen cabinets have existed in the interior design industry for a long time. This frosted texture design is regarded as a symbol of fashion and is favored by many homeowners. It must be admitted that, compared to glossy cabinets, matte surfaces can hide many furniture defects and damage caused during use. However, matte kitchen cabinets absorb light instead of reflecting light, so this decoration will also make the house dim and not bright enough.

2. High gloss kitchen cabinets

Because the surface of high gloss finish kitchen cabinets is smooth and bright, it can reflect a lot of light and make the limited space look bigger. Therefore, they have become the first choice for many small apartments. For those who want to increase the sense of space, high gloss kitchen cabinets are a great good choice. However, the advantage of reflection has become a disadvantage when it comes to cleaning. Because they can reflect a lot of light, stains, fingerprints and scratches will be more obvious than on matte kitchen furniture, but fortunately, their surface is smooth and stain removal will also become relatively easy. In addition, if the overall design has bright colors, the smooth surface of the high gloss kitchen cabinets will reflect these colors, destroy the overall layout, and make the house design look messy.

Whether it is a matte kitchen cabinet or a high gloss kitchen cabinet, there are advantages and disadvantages. Users can decide the type of kitchen cabinet that suits them according to their preferences and decoration style.

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